Ancient Grain Pretzel Barrel – 3 count

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Our Ancient Grain Pretzels are proof that good flavor doesn’t require the use of complicated ingredients or unnecessary additives. In fact, we’ve found a way to combine a number of simple, quality elements that come together to deliver a taste that’s unique and unforgettable. No fillers – just pure, simple deliciousness.

Resealable Container


Great for Snacking

No Fillers


Organic Spelt Flour, Organic Sunflower Oil, Salt, and Soda.


Product Description

We took one of man’s oldest snacks and made it better. From the earliest civilizations, spelt and other ancient grains were an important part of the human diet. We use organic spelt to capture the goodness and nutritional attributes of the grain and create Hanover Ancient Grain Pretzels. Our pretzels are rich in nutrients, have higher fiber, higher protein and of course great taste!

These delicious ancient grain pretzels, are made from organic spelt and seasoned with sea salt. Resulting in a snack that is full of nutritious goodness. Because these are a crunchy and delicious snacking pretzel. That are perfect to share with family and friends. Not to mention the handy re-sealable plastic barrel is perfect for countertop storage.