Sourdough Thins Pretzels – 12 count

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Love the taste of our traditional hard pretzels but prefer a thinner version? Our Thin Pretzels are made with the same great ingredients as our other quality salty snack food products but offer a lighter option. Same great flavor with a crispy, crunchy texture you’re sure to fall in love with!

No Preservatives

No Trans Fat

Whole Grain Goodness

All Natural


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Product Description

Sourdough Thins Pretzels have a quality you can taste! Since 1874. Wege of Hanover Pretzel is one of old fashioned craftsmanship. Historians claim the first pretzels were made back in 610 A.D. when monks in southern France offered them as a reward to children for learning their prayers. These rewards, known as pre tiola (little reward), were brought to our shores and their name was changed to pretzels. It was at this time, in 1874 the first Wege pretzel was made. All the secrets to creating a little reward are used today in our entire line of pretzels. Nothing has changed since 1874 and one taste will show you why. Reward yourself with Wege’s of Hanover Sourdough Thins Pretzels!

  • WEGE OF HANOVER SOURDOUGH PRETZEL THINS – Try our classic sourdough pretzels today! Available in 12 count orders
  • GUARANTEED FRESH – Our pretzels are guaranteed fresh until the printed day. Shipped factory fresh each day!
  • NO PRESERVATIVES, NO TRANS FAT – Wege of Hanover has removed all preservatives and trans fats from our Pretzels
  • ALL NATURAL – Our pretzels are made from the finest ingredients and cooked to perfection!
  • WHOLE GRAIN GOODNESS – We carefully make our pretzels using the finest whole grain ingredients!

Wege’s variety of pretzels now includes whole wheat varieties, flavored, all natural, organic, and Kosher delicacies. Wege is also the leader in co-pack and private label for high quality customers. You can buy cheaper pretzels but we believe in only the finest. Wege Sourdough Thins Pretzels are made with a century old recipe full of a rich, sourdough flavor. We have removed all preservatives and no trans fats from our pretzels. Our pretzels are only made from the finest ingredients and cooked to perfection! Serving as a great salty snack for the kids or can pair perfectly with your favorite beer beverage!